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Gas bottle storage Heavy duty 9kg LPG cylinder storage

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LPG Cylinders are highly flammable and will ignite and burn instantly from the smallest spark or piece of hot metal, subsequently creating a significant fire and explosion hazard if incorrectly stored. LPG cylinders should never be stored horizontally and always be stored well away from heaters and boilers. 

The STOREMASTA® Heavy Duty 9kg LPG storage is perfect for storing LPG cylinders vertically and specifically designed with compact modules to suit small 9kg LPG and general purpose cylinders. This storage unit has a robust design and is built from heavy duty steel and includes restraining chains. For increased security, each unit has the provision to be bolted down and has a padlock-able door. With storage for up to 24 9kg cylinders, these storage options are flexible, secure and overcome the challenges of storing large numbers of cylinders safely.

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