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AS4332 Compliant LPG Gas Bottle Storage

STOREMASTA manufactures LPG gas bottle cages for the storage of 9kg gas bottles. These LPG cylinder cages are designed to comply with the Australian Standards: AS4332-2004 - The storage and handling of gases in cylinders. Compliance with AS4332-2004 make STOREMASTA 9kg gas bottle storage cages safe for the storage of LPG gas cylinders.

Local Manufactured BBQ Gas Bottle Storage

All STOREMASTA gas bottle stores are fabricated in STOREMASTA’s local manufacturing facility. These 9kg gas cylinder cages are constructed from heavy duty sheet steel with fully welded seams. The steel frame is then finished with a high build powder coat for durability and performance. All LPG bottles cages have bolt down plates, cylinder restraints and padlockable door for added security. They also come in several sizes with capacities ranging from 2-24 bottles.    

STOREMASTA LPG gas bottle cages have a number of features that ensures their compliance with the Australian Standard AS4332. Some of these features include:

  • Perforated walls to provide natural ventilation
  • Restraint chains to secure gas bottles
  • Robust construction to provide protection from impact damage
  • Relevant Dangerous Goods signage to warn workers

If you require any expert assistance with with storage and handling of 9kg gas bottles, feel free to contact one of our gas cylinder storage consultants on 1300 134 223 or simply contact us here.

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