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Dangerous Goods Signage

Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Chemicals are substances which pose an immediate risk to people, property, and the environment. Dangerous Goods Signs are an important part of an overall strategy for managing the risks associated with dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals stored in the workplace. It is critical to have them labelled correctly, whether the goods are being transported or stored at your facility. According to AS1216-2006, all Dangerous Goods must-have labels or signage according to their primary risk and their subsidiary risk. STOREMASTA’s dangerous goods and Hazardous Chemical signage is manufactured in full conformance with their specific Australian Standard.
Dangerous Goods  Labels

Dangerous Goods Labels

There are 9 different dangerous goods classes and some classes also contain subdivisions. The specific risks associated with dangerous goods differ from class to class. It...
Hazard Signs

Hazard Signs

Hazards Signs are extremely important while storage and handling dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals to warn about the hazardous and hazardous situation, as it has...

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