Dangerous Goods Signage

Chemical Safety Signage

Do you have clear and compliant Dangerous Goods signage for every hazardous substance you carry at the jobsite? To meet the requirements of WHS Regulations and Australian Safety Standards you must display proper dangerous goods diamonds for each primary and subsidiary risk.

STOREMASTA produce a wide range of dangerous goods class signs, each is hardwearing and manufactured right here in Australia. When you purchase a STOREMASTA hazard sign you know you’re on the path to 100% chemical safety compliance.

Other Safety Signage

Need a first aid sign? Flammable sign? Or a toxic symbol? We also produce other mandatory signs including No Smoking signs, Danger signs and all the GHS symbols. Safety signs are often lost, broken or misplaced — especially on a busy outdoor worksite where loads and machinery are always on the go. Is your Dangerous Goods signage still fully compliant?

If you need to order a new hazard sign, or would prefer one of our experienced consultants to conduct a Dangerous Goods signage audit, we’re here to help. Reach out today and we’ll be back in touch within a few hours.

Dangerous Goods  Labels

Dangerous Goods Labels

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Emergency Eyewash and Safety Shower Signage

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