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Class 4.1 Flammable Solids - 250 X 250


Flammable Solids are dangerous goods which may cause or contribute to fire through friction and are liable to undergo exothermic reaction, which is why it is essential to have ledgible dangerous goods signage.

According to AS5026:2012, Flammable solids must have distinct dangerous goods signage which complies with AS1216 and AS1319 to be legible. STOREMASTA’s Class 4 Flammable Solid signs are developed in full conformance with AS1216 and AS1319.

Dimensions H 250 W 250
Complies WithAS 1216-2006
FreightNational Distribution
  • White background with seven vertical red stripes in equal width, as specified in Australian Standard
  • Flame in black symbol, text numerals and lines
  • Full Conformance with AS 1216-2006

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