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Eyewash Station and Safety Shower

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Emergency Showers and Eyewash Stations that comply with AS 4775:2017

When storing dangerous goods, it is very important to have an emergency eyewash station and chemical shower to deal with any incidents that may occur. Emergency showers and eyewash stations allow you to quickly wash away any dangerous chemicals that may come into contact with your face or body while handling hazardous chemicals. The Australian Standard AS 3780 states that an emergency eyewash station and safety shower must be installed within 10 meters but no closer than 2m to the location where corrosive substances are kept. The Australian Standard AS1940 also states that a eyewash station must be within 10m but no closer than 2m to locations where packages of flammable liquids are kept. If the quantities of flammable liquids exceed 2000L, a chemical safety shower must also be installed.

STOREMASTA provides a range of emergency safety showers and eyewash stations for workplaces such as laboratories, manufacturing facilities, mine sites, aquatic centres and constructions sites where dangerous substances are stored and handled on a regular basis. All STOREMASTA emergency showers and eyewash stations are manufactured from stainless steel and coated in durable hi-vis protective coating to provide corrosion resistance. All eyewash stations and safety showers come with the relevant safety signage and comply with the Australian Standard AS 4775:2007.