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Bunded storage Floor Bunding

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Floor Bunding the perfect solution to create a spill control and spill containment area  

A spill bund is an embankment or wall of brick, stone, concrete, or other impervious material, which forms the perimeter and floor of a compound and provides a barrier to retain liquid as defined by EPA. 

Chemical bunds include impermeable, raised floor barriers forming the temporary bund. For example, speed humps and flexible rubber floor bunding constructed with robust, impermeable, UV and chemical resistant material or lined with such material. Temporary bunding arrangements should ensure that there is only localised contamination in the event of a spill. There are several kinds of secondary spill containment bunds one of which is the Floor bund.  

Floor bunding is like "speed bumps" which is used to create a bunded area so that the flow of any liquid leak is controlled and directed to a sump. Rollover bunds can be a useful form of spill control that can prevent chemicals/liquid substances from leaving the work area. Floor bunds are often used in locations where vehicle access is required. Floor bunding is often used in wash bays, workshops, factories, warehouses, transport depot, manufacturing, and processing areas. 

Points which need to be considered while selecting Floor Bunding 

  1. The type and frequency of the vehicle passing over the bund will decide how robust the bund needs to be 
  2. The height of the bund decides the spill containment capacity 
  3. The type of hazardous liquid substance used in  
  4. Ease of installation and replacing the bund. The longevity of the bund staying at one place is related to ease of installation 

STOREMASTA Floor Bunding is 100% compliant to Australian standards and made in Australia 

STOREMASTA manufactures a range of floor bunding including Aluminium Floor Bunding, Flexible Floor Bunding, and Drive Over Floor BundingSTOREMASTA Floor bunding is a perfect solution to create a spill control and containment area for workshops, liquid storage areas, storage of drums, and tanks. Choosing the perfect floor bund depends on the traffic frequency, the height of the bund, the type of chemicals, and the longevity of the bund. 

STOREMASTA Flexible spill bund is manufactured from heavy-duty and high-grade 900gsm PVC. It collapses down as the vehicle drive over it and then springs back to shape after the vehicle passes. It is an ideal solution for warehouses, doorways, workshops, and access points.

STOREMASTA Aluminium chemical bund is impervious, chemical resistant, and fire-resistant that manufactured in full conformance to AS 1940-2004 and ideal for flammable liquid containment. It is a heavy-duty permanent bund that offers longevity and withstands high-frequency traffic over a long time.

STOREMASTA Drive Over Floor Bunding is suitable for doorways and high traffic areas. It is an ideal solution for transport and warehouse transit goods storage segregation areas, mechanical maintenance, and service area.

If you require any help in selecting floor bunds, please contact STOREMASTA on 1300 134 223, and our dangerous goods consultant will help you develop a solution that meets your specific needs.

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