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Manage Accidental Leaks and Spills with Floor Bunding

Are you looking for a safe, reliable, solution for managing chemical leaks and spills? Floor bunding creates a spill containment area for machinery, fuel tanks, and chemical drums, and can be erected quickly in the event of an accidental spill.

100% Australian-made Floor Bunding

STOREMASTA is one of Australia’s leading floor bunding suppliers, and we manufacture all our bunding products in-house. Our dedicated engineering team has developed a floor bund to suit every application at your jobsite including:

  • Flexible floor bunding (high containment in a small area) — high-grade 900gsm PVC that collapses as a vehicle passes over and springs back into shape.
  • Aluminium floor bunding (ideal for flammable liquids) — marine grade extruded aluminium with a high load capacity.
  • Drive-over bunding (low rise bunding that minimises trip hazards) — urethane bunding that can be easily resized, and is compatible with corrosives and other hazardous chemicals.

Like more information about setting up floor bunding at your workshop, factory, or industrial worksite? Please get in touch with STOREMASTA. We’ll be more than happy to develop a personalised solution that ensures your hazardous chemicals are correctly segregated and are sufficiently contained.

STOREMASTA Flexible spill bund is manufactured from heavy-duty and high-grade 900gsm PVC. It collapses down as the vehicle drive over it and then springs back to shape after the vehicle passes. It is an ideal solution for warehouses, doorways, workshops, and access points.

STOREMASTA Aluminium chemical bund is impervious, chemical resistant, and fire-resistant that manufactured in full conformance to AS 1940-2004 and ideal for flammable liquid containment. It is a heavy-duty permanent bund that offers longevity and withstands high-frequency traffic over a long time.

STOREMASTA Drive Over Floor Bunding is suitable for doorways and high traffic areas. It is an ideal solution for transport and warehouse transit goods storage segregation areas, mechanical maintenance, and service area.

If you require any help in selecting floor bunds, please contact STOREMASTA on 1300 134 223, and our dangerous goods consultant will help you develop a solution that meets your specific needs.

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