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Bunded storage Floor Bunding

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STOREMASTA manufactures a range of floor bunding including Aluminium Floor Bunding, Flexible Floor Bunding, and Drive Over Floor Bunding. STOREMASTA Floor bunding is a perfect solution to create a spill control and containment area for workshops, liquid storage areas, storage of drums, and tanks.

STOREMASTA Aluminium Floor Bunding is in full conformance to AS 1940-2004 which makes it ideal for flammable liquid containment. It is a heavy-duty bund that withstands high-frequency traffic over a long time.

STOREMASTA Flexible Floor Bunding is manufactured from heavy-duty and high-grade 900gsm PVC. It collapses down as the vehicle drive over it and then springs back to shape after the vehicle passes. It is an ideal solution for warehouses, doorways, workshops, and access points.

STOREMASTA Drive Over Floor Bunding is suitable for doorways and high traffic areas. It is an ideal solution for transport and warehouse transit goods storage segregation areas, Mechanical maintenance, and service area

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