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Browse our range of outdoor drum storage containers which can be used to safely store flammable liquids, oxidizing agents, organic peroxide, toxic substances and corrosive products. Oil drum storage systems are manufactured in Australia to comply with the Australian Standards and they are an ideal solution for the safe and efficient storage of dangerous goods. These oil drum storage containers are designed for the safe storage of large quantities of dangerous goods without the expense associated with building a permanent store. They are typically relocatable and intended for outdoor use.

Each outdoor drum store is designed to be relocatable and built to individual customer requirements which can include shelving, pump stations, decanting systems, cyclonic construction, chemical resistant linings and eyewash facilities. With 16 different sizes to choose from, such as single pallet storage to 32 pallet storage, each fuel drum storage container comes with ISO locking bars for security, ventilators and cyclonic proof construction. The chemical drum stores are designed with forklift loading in mind and include lifting lugs, forklift channels, locating plates and 270° folding doors for easy access. All bunded drum stores are finished with a high build 2 pack polyurethane primer and high gloss topcoat and includes all appropriate warning and safety signage.