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Heavy Duty PPE Storage

STOREMASTA manufactures a wide range of PPE cabinets. All PPE cupboards are manufactured in STOREMASTA’s Australian based manufacturing facility using high quality sheet steel. STOREMASTA PPE storage lockers have several features that make them an excellent PPE storage solution. The cabinets have a bright orange powder coat finish to provide high visibility and marked with the relevant PPE signage to show workers where personal protective equipment is available.

PPE Cabinets enable Compliance

The Australian Standards that outline the requirements for the storage and handling of flammable liquids and corrosive substance (AS1940 & AS3780) state that personal protective equipment must be provided in areas where flammable liquids and corrosive substances are used. Well stocked PPE cabinets placed in strategic locations will enable your staff to access personal protective equipment when handling hazardous substances such as flammable liquids and corrosive substances.

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