Collapsible bunds are the perfect solution to cater for liquid containment. These collapsible temporary bunds are used in a variety of different industries including mining, construction, and manufacturing. 

It is important to ensure that hazardous chemicals are bunded at your workplace or remote areas because of Australia’s stringent dangerous goods storage regulations. 

STOREMASTA robust portable bunds are the perfect solution for spill containment 

The bunds have unique marine-grade batten supports that provide exceptional strength and durability to the bund walls. Lightweight and heavy-duty portable collapsible bunds are used to store drums and liquid containers to capture oil leaks. It is ideal for parking tankers and vehicles inside to prevent leaks and spills. Portable PVC bunding is the best possible solution for emergencies in demanding industrial jobs. Portable bunds can be used in servicing areas, decanting stating, fuel transfer areas, wash down bays, and hazardous chemical storage areas. 

STOREMASTA Portable Collapsible Bunds manufactured & designed in Australia to the highest safety standards  

STOREMASTA manufactures a high-quality robust Portable Collapsible bunds that can be used indoors or outdoors to capture the spills to protect people, property, and the environment. These portable spill containment bunds comply with the highest safety standards of AS1940-2017 and AS3780-2008.  

Our high-quality portable bunds can be used as a temporary bund indoor or outdoor to capture spills to protect people, plants, and the environment. The Portable bunds are chemical & UV resistant which makes them suitable for long-term use in the elements.   

Collapsible bunds are designed for easy and quick setup and an economical solution for spill control that can be deployed in a very short time. Our collapsible, drive-into bunds can be used as a portable wash bay for vehicles and to collect any spill during maintenance and refueling. Portable bunds can be fitted with drain ports to provide pump-out access. 

Portable spill bunds are suitable for a wide variety of hazardous chemicals. PVC Collapsible bunds are designed to prevent cross containment protect the inside from aggressive hazardous chemicalsThis temporary bund is equipped with a geomembrane synthetic liner or barrier which controls spills and leakage. 

The collapsible wall and low-profile strap outside of the bund make it easy to drive in and drive out. Portable bunds accessories include a carrying bag, sacrificial liner, and ground mat.  

Explore the range of STOREMASTA Portable bunds, if you need any help customising your STOREMASTA portable collapsible bund, contact us at 1300 134 223 or email at     

Application Product Code Dimensions Capacity (L)
Pallet PSRDB022 1.3m X 1.3m X 300mm 500
PSRDB023 1.3m X 1.3m X 500mm 845
PSRDB024 1.9m x 1.9m X 300mm 1,080
PSRDB025 1.9m x 1.9m X 500mm 1,800
4 IBCs / 4 pallets PSRDB026 2.4m x 2.4m X 300mm 1,725
PSRDB027 2.4m x 2.4m X 500mm 2,880
Car PSRDB028 6m x 3m X 300mm 5,400
PSRDB029 6m x 3m X 500mm 9,000
ISO tank / 20’ Container PSRDB030 8m x 4m X 300mm 9,600
PSRDB031 8m x 4m X 500mm 16,000
PSRDB032 8m x 6m X 300mm 14,400
PSRDB033 8m x 6m X 500mm 24,000
PSRDB034 10m x 4m X 300mm 12,000
PSRDB035 10m x 4m X 500mm 20,000
40’ Container PSRDB036 15m x 4m X 300mm 18,000
PSRDB037 15m x 4m X 500mm 30,000
PSRDB038 15m x 6m X 300mm 27,000
PSRDB039 15m x 6m X 500mm 45,000
Truck PSRDB040 18m x 3m X 300mm 16,200
PSRDB041 18m x 3m X 500mm 27,000