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Portable Collapsible Bund - 432L


Storemasta's Portable Collapsible Bunds are high-quality portable bunds which can be used as a temporary bund for indoor or outdoor use. These portable bunds are effective in capturing chemical spills and protecting people, plant and the environment. The bunds have unique marine-grade batten supports which provide exceptional strength and durability to the bund walls.

You can easily drive-in and out of these bunds, so no chemical spills occur when conducting vehicle servicing, repairs or cleaning. Choose from three sizes of bunds —  up to 1728L bunds — to suit a range of applications. 

Portable bund accessories are available separately and include a carry bag, sacrificial liner and ground mat. 


  • Available in 900gsm PVC or 1,020gsm XR-5 geomembrane
  • Chemical & UV resistance makes them suitable for long term use
  • Designed for easy and quick setup.
  • Marine-grade batten supports provide exceptional strength and durability to the bund walls
  • The range offers plenty of customisation to suit any requirements
  • Manufactured & designed in Australia to the highest safety standards

Dimensions (mm)

InternalH 300W 1200D 1200

Storage Capacity

Max Capacity 432L

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