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A manifest is a written summary of hazardous chemicals that are handled or stored at a workplace. The Manifest of Hazardous Chemicals is required if your workplace exceeds threshold limits. The WHS Regulation outlines the exact requirements of the Manifest of Hazardous Chemicals including the information to be included, where they should be stored, and the threshold quantities.

According to WHS regulation, it is recommended that the manifest shall be kept in a red waterproof Hazmat Box. The Hazmat Box must be stored somewhere readily accessible to emergency responders. STOREMASTA manufactures a range of Hazmat Boxes which are specifically built for securing important emergency information including the manifest of hazardous chemicals, safety data sheets (SDSs), and site emergency plans.

STOREMASTA Hazmat Boxes are in full conformance to WHS Regulations. Explore the range of Manifest Boxes and order direct from STOREMASTA today.

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