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LPG Bottle Store - 8 x 9kg bottles


The GQA08 is a heavy duty LPG bottle store purpose-built for storing 8 x 9kg LPG cylinders (P size) either indoors or outdoors at industrial workplaces. This fully compliant gas cylinder store is easily relocated on the job site via forklift channels (empty lift only), and can be bolted down and padlocked.

Features of the GQA08 include: robust shelving perfectly sized for 8 x LPG cylinders; perforated walls that comply with ventilation safety standards; restraint chains to individually secure the gas bottles; plus mandatory warning placards and signage for Class 2.1 flammable gases.

The GQA08 is another hard-wearing gas cylinder store designed and manufactured exclusively by STOREMASTA - the Dangerous Goods experts throughout Australia, NZ and SE Asia. 100% Australian made, order your LPG cylinder store direct from STOREMASTA today.

Internal Dimensions H 560 x2 W 660 D 700
External Dimensions H 1190 W 720 D 720
Weight68.0 kg
FreightNational Distribution

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  • Compact gas cylinder store specifically suited for the storage of 9kg LPG cylinders
  • Chain restraints to allow each gas cylinder to be individually restrained
  • Heavy duty construction and surface protection for outdoor use
  • Padlockable door for high security
  • Forklift channels
  • Natural ventilation that complies with AS4332-2004
  • Appropriate warning and safety signage that complies with AS1216 and AS1319
  • Designed and manufactured in full conformance to AS4332-2004
  • Empty lift only
  • Suitable for the storage of Class 2.1 - Flammable Gas
  • Manufactured in Australia

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