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Toxic Cabinets that comply with AS NZS 4452:1997

STOREMASTA manufactures a range of toxic chemical storage cabinets. All STOREMASTA toxic cabinets are constructed in full conformance with the requirements outlined in the Australian Standard AS NZS 4452:1997 - The storage and handling of toxic substances. Compliance with AS NZS 4452:1997 make STOREMASTA toxic chemical cabinets safe for the storage of all Class 6 Toxic Substances such as cyanides, phenol, lead compounds and cresols.

Australian fabricated Toxic Storage Cabinets

STOREMASTA fabricate their class 6 toxic storage cabinets in their Australian based manufacturing facility. Local manufacturing allows STOREMASTA to produce high quality products that meet the stringent requirements of the Australian Standards and Regulations. All STOREMASTA toxic cabinets are constructed from high quality sheet steel, assembled using robotics, finished with a high build powder coat and marked with the required dangerous goods decals.

STOREMASTA toxic substance storage cabinets have several features to ensure they comply with the requirements of AS NZS 4452-1997. Some of these features include:

  • Perforated shelving to permit free air movement within the cabinet.
  • Sheet metal construction that will not melt at temperatures less than 850 °C.
  • Liquid tight spill containment sump in the bottom of the cabinet that is at least 150mm deep and capable of holding 25% of the aggregate capacity of the cabinet.
  • Lockable doors to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Self-closing close-fitting doors.
  • Fabricated with a double walled sheet steel construction with a 40mm air barrier to provide thermal protection in the event of a fire.

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