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Safety_cabinets Toxic Storage Cabinets

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A lot of the substance that are used in the workplace are classified as toxic substances. Toxic substances are chemicals that are liable to cause death or serious injury if they are ingested, inhaled or come into contact with your skin. To reduce the risk that toxic substances have upon the people in your workplace, they must be stored in a safe and compliant manner. This can be achieved by storing your toxic substances in a toxic storage cabinet.

STOREMASTA manufactures a range of toxic storage cabinets at their Australian manufacturing division. All STOREMASTA toxic storage cabinet are manufactured in full conformance to the Australian Standard AS NZS 4452 - The storage and handling of toxic substances. STOREMASTA toxic storage cabinet are manufactured with self-closing self-latching doors, dual skinned construction, a spill containment sump and vent ports for mechanical ventilation. If your toxic storage situation is unique, STOREMASTA can manufacture a toxic storage cabinet that will meet your specific toxic cabinet requirements.