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Safety_cabinets Pesticides Storage Cabinets

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Pesticides are useful chemicals that are used in many industries to manage pest problems. However, pesticides are often very toxic and they have the potential to harm humans and animals. Safe and compliant pesticide storage is a must to ensure that only the targeted pest is harmed. The STOREMASTA pesticide storage cabinets are effective and efficient solution for storing pesticides. These pesticides storage cabinets have a patented sequential door closing system for maximum safety and security.

STOREMASTA manufactures their pesticide storage cabinets in Australia in full conformance the the Australian pesticides storage regulations. All STOREMASTA pesticide storage cabinets have a liquid tight sump to ensure that all spills are contained in a safe and compliant manner. They also have fully adjustable perforated shelves to allow for free air movement. To ensure that your pesticide cabinet is safe and compliant, STOREMASTA coates all their pesticides storage cabinets with a high build powder coat finish. Pesticides safety cabinets are also marked with the relevant safety and warning signage.