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Safety_cabinets Oxidising Agent Storage Cabinets

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Oxidising agents are a group of useful substances that are used in a number of important chemical processes. Because of their dangerous chemical and physical properties, oxidising agents can have a number of negative effects upon the people, property and environment of your organisation if they are not handled and stored correctly. To reduce these risks, oxidising agents must be safely stored in an oxidising agent cabinet.

STOREMASTA manufactures a range of oxidising agent storage cabinets in Australia. Each oxidising agent cabinet is manufactured in full conformance to the Australian Standard AS 4326-2008 - The storage and handling of oxidising agents. Each oxidising agent storage cabinet has self-closing close-fitting doors, a spill containment sump, dual-skinned construction and doors that will automatically release in the event of a build up of pressure inside the cabinet. A STOREMASTA oxidising agent cabinet will provide adequate segregation from incompatible chemicals which reduces the risk of violent chemical reactions. If you have a unique oxidising agent storage requirement, STOREMASTA can custom manufacture a oxidising agent storage cabinet that will meets your specific dangerous goods storage needs.