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Need a General Purpose Spill Kit?

If you carry hazardous chemicals or Dangerous Goods at your jobsite you’ll need spill management solutions to meet the requirements of WHS Regulations and Australian Standards. Even small quantities of fuel and oil can quickly seep into soil and waterways, so having a STOREMASTA general purpose spill kit on hand is the best way to keep your business operating in a safe and compliant manner.

Universal Spill Kits Contents

STOREMASTA general purpose spill kits come in a range of sizes, and are capable of dealing with spills of non-aggressive chemicals up to 250 litres. Use them to safely clean up coolants, fuel, oil, agricultural chemicals and pesticides. They can also be used for cleaning up water after minor flooding.

The contents of each general purpose spill kit include: 

  • Hard-wearing wheelie bin — easy storage and quick despatch to the spill site.
  • Natura-Sorb floor sweep — strong absorbent that’s easy on the environment.
  • Booms, pillows, pads, and wipes — efficient chemical clean-up and removal.
  • Nitrile gloves, waste disposal bag and ties — safe disposal of contaminated waste.
  • Compliant signage and instructions — clear labelling with re-ordering information.

General Purpose Spill Kits Direct from STOREMASTA

Are you ready for 100% chemical safety compliance? Get in touch with STOREMATA’s Dangerous Goods Consultants for expert advice on chemical spill management. We’d be happy to conduct an onsite audit that assesses your existing level of risk. Call us today.

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