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Universal Spill Kit 25L

STOREMASTA universal spill kits contain a Spill kit Bag, boom, heavy-duty pad, wipe, gloves, containment waste disposal bag, and tie. STOREMASTA universal spill kits are sized conveniently for fast and easy mobility. STOREMASTA universal spill kits are made in Australia and available in 25L, 50L, 60L, 140L and 240L. Explore the range of universal spill kit and order direct from STOREMASTA today.
Dimensions H 100 W 500 L 500
Weight4.0 kg
Full Weight4kg
  • Absorbs up to 15L
  • 1 x Blue Spill Kit Bag
  • 1 x SpilMax Mini Boom (1.2mL x 75mmDia)
  • 10 x SpilMax Heavy Duty Pad (400gsm, 480 x 430mm)
  • 4 x SpilMax Wipe 200gsm (500mm x 400mm)
  • 1 x Nitrile Gloves
  • 1 x Contaminated Waste Disposal Bag
  • Tie

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