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Australian Manufactured Organic Peroxide Cabinets

STOREMASTA manufactures a range of organic peroxide storage cabinets. All STOREMASTA organic peroxide cabinets are fabricated in STOREMASTA’s Australian based manufacturing facility. Local manufacturing allows STOREMASTA to provide consistent quality. Quality is essential to ensure all organic peroxide chemical cabinets meet the comprehensive requirements of the Australian Standards. Each cabinet is fabricated from sheet steel, assembled using automated process, finished with a high-build powder coat and marked with the relevant Class 5.2 Organic Peroxide signage.   

Organic Peroxide Storage that complies with AS 2714:2008

STOREMASTA organic peroxide safety cabinets are manufactured to comply with the requirements of the Australian Standard AS 2714:2008 - The storage and handling of organic peroxides. Compliance with AS 2714:2008 allow STOREMASTA’s class 5.2 safety cabinets to legally store all types of Class 5.2 Organic Peroxides. Class 5.2 Dangerous Goods are unstable substances and they can undergo exothermic self-accelerating decomposition. This means that they may be liable to explosive decomposition, be sensitive to impact or friction, burn rapidly, react dangerously with other substances and cause damage to eyes. Therefore safe storage of organic peroxides is a legal requirement.

There are a number of mandatory design specifications for organic peroxide storage cabinets to comply with the requirements of the Australian Standard AS 2714:2008. These design specifications include:

  • The walls, floor and door of the cabinet must be constructed of double-walled steel with an air-gap of at least 40mm between the walls.
  • The cabinet must be fitted with self-closing, close-fitting doors that automatic release if pressure builds up inside the cabinet.
  • The cabinet must be fitted with metal catches and hinges.
  • The inner base of the cabinet must be a liquid tight compound of at least 150mm deep to catch spills. This compound must be designed to prevent it from being used as a storage space.
  • The cabinet shall be designed to ensure all spills within the cabinet are directed into the lower compound.
  • Any shelves within the cabinet must be perforated to allow free air movement.

If you require any expert assistance with the storage of Class 5.2 Organic Peroxides, feel free to contact one of our consultants. STOREMASTA’s dangerous goods consultants can be reached on 1300 134 223 or

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