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  • Class 5.2 - Organic Peroxide

Class 5.2 Organic Peroxide Outdoor Organic Peroxide Store - 250L


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The PR251-52 is a Dangerous Goods store for storing smaller quantities of Class 5.2 organic peroxides (250 litre capacity) outdoors. Best suited for vertical spaces, this safety cabinet is easily moved around the worksite via forklift channels and can be fixed to the ground.

Features of the PR251-52 include: heavy duty construction built to withstand even cyclonic weather patterns; cambered roof to maximise rain-water run-off; compliant vent openings and perforated shelving that maximise natural air flow; high security ISO locking bars. The unit arrives complete with warning placards and safety signage.

The PR251-52 is part of STOREMASTA’s relocatable MINI SERIES, a range of outdoor chemical stores suiting most classes of Dangerous Goods. 100% compliant with the ADG code and AS2714-2008 - The storage and handling of organic peroxides, order your outdoor organic peroxide store direct from STOREMASTA today.

  • Doors with 270° hinging to provide easy access
  • ISO locking bars for high security
  • Natural ventilation that complies with AS 2714:2008
  • Forklift channels for easy relocation
  • Heavy duty adjustable perforated shelving
  • Cambered roof for rainwater run off
  • Earthing steak and mounting
  • Appropriate safety signage that complies with AS 1216 and AS 1319
  • Designed and manufactured in full conformance to AS 2714:2008 - The storage and handling of organic peroxides
Dimensions (mm)
External H 1995 W 785 D 900
Internal H 1690 W 770 D 755
Storage Capacity
Max Capacity 250L
Drum Size 0.5L 2.5L 5L
Capacity 500***** 125***** 27
Drum Size 4L 20L 60L 205L
Capacity 45***** 12 2
*****5 Storage levels
Calculations based on these package size
Dangerous Goods Compliance Specifications
Complies with AS2714 - 2008
Sump Capacity 94.2L
Other Specifications
Weight 188.0 kg
Shelf Levels 2
Storage Levels 3

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