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Class 5.1 Oxidising Agent Storage Oxidising Agent Storage Cabinet - 100L


The SC100A is an indoor chemical cabinet specifically designed for Class 5.1 Oxidising Agents (100 litre capacity). Now you can safely isolate your oxidisers from flammables and other incompatible substances without having to store them outside.

Features of the SC100A include: twin hydraulic action doors that close automatically (in sequence), perforated shelving, built in flash arrestors, and a high-tech powder coat finish (no corrosion). Mandatory placards and signs are fixed to the exterior of the unit.

The SC100A is part of the SAFE-T-STORE series — STOREMASTA’s range of fully compliant chemical safety cabinets for storing Dangerous Goods indoors. Designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest safety standards, order your oxidising agent cabinet from STOREMASTA today.

Internal Dimensions H 553 W 838 D 535
External Dimensions H 800 W 920 D 615
Weight65.0 kg
Sump Cap45L
FreightNational Distribution

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  • Stainless steel pin with continuous hinging for strength and reliability
  • Strong fully adjustable shelving perforated for free air movement, 100mm adjustment increments
  • High capacity liquid tight sump to contain spills - 150mm deep
  • State of the art powder coat finish for high durability and performance
  • Built in flash arrestors and vent openings [for mechanical ventilation systems]
  • Self-closing, close fitting doors that automatically release in the event of a build-up of pressure within the cabinet
  • Sequential door closing system
  • Double walled sheet steel construction with a 40mm thermic air barrier
  • Distinct safety signs and directions that comply with AS1216 and AS1319
  • Designed and Manufactured in full conformance to AS 4326-2008 - The storage and handling of oxidising agents
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Class 5.1 - Oxidizing Agents

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