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Bunded storage Bunded Pallets and Spill Containment Pallets

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Hazardous chemical spills pose many risks upon people, property and the environment. To reduce the risk of hazardous chemical spills, all packages of dangerous goods that are used in the workplace must be placed on a spill containment pallet. Bunded pallets have a spill containment compound in the lower part of the spill pallet that contains any spills that may occur during handling and storage.

All STOREMASTA spill containment pallet and bunded pallets are manufactured in Australia in full conformance to the Australian Standards and Regulations. All bunded pallets are manufactured with a compliant spill containment capacity of 110% of the largest package that can be stored on the spill pallet. If you use dangerous goods in a manufacturing process, a spill containment pallet is the perfect solution for ensuring that all chemical spills are contained.