Plastic Drip Trays

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Australia’s #1 Manufacturer of Poly Drip Trays

If you are looking for large plastic spill trays to place under oil bottles, paint cans, batteries, fuel and oil drums, you are in the right place. STOREMASTA is Australia’s leading manufacturer of plastic spill containment trays — made from tough and durable polyethylene.

Polyethylene drip trays are fully compatible with corrosive materials and UV resistant. Here at STOREMASTA we only use superior polymer material to manufacture our poly drip trays, this means they are incredibly durable and deliver a very long service life.

Plastic Containment Trays 15 - 170 litre Capacity

Each plastic drip tray made by STOREMASTA is manufactured to the highest Australian Safety Standards. You can expect from every single unit:

  • Compliant sump capacity.
  • Sized to match standard container sizes (chemical bottles, fuel and oil drums).
  • High impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Reliable performance in Australian harsh outdoor climate.

Feel free to browse our range of poly drip trays and reach out to our team of dangerous goods consultants if you require extra information. We’ll be happy to advise you on the correct sized spill trays for maximum efficiency and chemical compliance.