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Need a Marine Spill Kit?

If you’re looking for a marine spill kit for chemical safety compliance, or to quickly deal with a petrol spill on water, you are in the right place. STOREMASTA supplies marine spill kits that efficiently deal with chemical spills in the marine environment and are ideal for larger vessels, marinas, fuel docks, and wharf operations.

STOREMASTA Marine Spill Kit 100% Australian

The STOREMASTA brand is synonymous with high quality Australian-made safety equipment that gets the job done. You can expect the same efficiency and reliability from our marine spill kits. 

Each kit contains everything you need to deal with an outdoor chemical spill where fuel and oil are the main contaminants. We use hydrophobic sorbent in our kits which absorbs fuel without absorbing water. Specific contents include:

  • Sturdy wheelie bin.
  • Floating booms, as well as pads and wipes.
  • Nitrile gloves, waste disposal bag and ties.
  • Compliant signage and instructions

Reach out to STOREMASTA’s team of Dangerous Goods Consultants for marine spill kits. We’ll be happy to provide a free consultation to ensure the spill kit you buy will meet the compliance needs of your marine business.

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