Bunded storage Drum Handling and Dispensing

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Handling heavy drums can prove to be a challenge in many workplaces. To help overcome this, we stock an extensive range of items for easy and efficient poly drum handling. The range includes poly spill containment caddies, poly bunded trollies, drum dollies – with and without handles, spill funnel lids for containing spills, poly racking bunds, mobile waste manager and wheeled drum racks.

Poly drum handling items are perfect for ensuring safety when handling hazardous materials, preventing spillages and containing any leaks. The entire range is made from quality materials including tough and durable polyethylene and steel. Made in Australia, this range meets all Australian standards.

The transfer of hazardous liquids from large drums to smaller containers can often lead to large spills and wastage. The SAFE-D-CANT® poly drum dispensing range is perfect for eliminating the risk of such spills. The SAFE-D-CANT® drum rack and stack poly unit creates a safe and efficient storage system designed to prevent spills and is ideal if your workplace often has two or more drums in constant use.