Class 4 - Flammable Solids
Class 4.1 - Flammable Solids Storage Cabinet

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Flammable Solid Storage that complies with AS NZS 5026:2012

STOREMASTA manufacture a range of flammable solid storage cabinets for the storage of Class 4.1 Dangerous Goods. Each flammable solid safety cabinet is manufactured to comply with the strict requirements of the Australian Standard AS NZS 5026:2012 - The storage and handling of class 4 dangerous goods. Compliance with AS NZS 5026:2012 make STOREMASTA’s flammable solid chemical cabinets safe for the storage of all types of class 4.1 flammable solids. This includes substances such as magnesium, nitrocellulose and matches.

Australian Manufactured Flammable Solids Storage Cabinets

All STOREMASTA flammable solid storage cabinets are designed and manufactured in STOREMASTA’s Australian based manufacturing plant. Each class 4.1 safety cabinet is constructed from heavy duty zinc coated steel, welded together using automated processes and finished with a high build powder coat. Each flammable solid cabinet is then marked with the required class 4.1 dangerous goods signage.