Self Bunded Fuel Tanks

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Australian Made Bunded Fuel Tanks

Do you need a safe and efficient solution for transporting fuel (and other Dangerous Goods) by road, rail, or sea? STOREMASTA’s self bunded fuel tanks are manufactured from heavy duty steel, and they’re designed to comply with the Australian Standards and Regulations.

Wide Range of Diesel Storage Tanks | 450 – 4500L Capacity

Each bunded tank is fabricated from high grade steel and has an inner tank that contains the initial volume of liquid. There are also a range of hand pumps and decanting accessories so you can safely dispense fuel from you bunded diesel tank. 

Some of the features of our self bunded diesel tanks include:

  • Forklift channels — for easy loading and transportation.
  • Stacking — fully stackable 3 high (empty) 2 high (full).
  • 110% spill sump capacity — for environmental compliance.

If you need a fuel storage container with built-in spill containment, reach out to STOREMASTA’s Dangerous Goods Consultants. We will be more than happy to provide a free consultation to understand your fuel dispensing requirements. We are committed to providing self bunded tanks that are both efficient and complaint.