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To meet the obligations under Section 357 of the WHS Regulations, if organsations store or handle hazardous chemicals at the workplace, it is essential to have a spill containment system in place to be compliant.

It is their duty to ensure that the spill containment system does not create a hazard by bringing different incompatible hazardous chemicals together. It is also necessary to ensure that the spill containment system provides for the cleanup and disposal of a hazardous chemical that spills or leaks.

STOREMASTA manufacture range of Chemical Spill Kits, which are compliant to Australian Standards and ensure the risks are removed in a chemical spill. The chemical spill kit contains a Spill kit bag, booms, pads, gloves, waste containment disposal bag, and tie. STOREMASTA chemical spill kits are conveniently sized which fits inside a vehicle boot, equipment cabins, and so on.

STOREMASTA chemical spill kits are exclusively designed with sorbents and suitable PPE equipment to meet the requirement of aggressive chemical spillages including pesticides, caustics, paints, solvents, strong oxidises and aggressive acids.

STOREMASTA chemical spill kits are made in Australia and available in 50L, 140l, and 240L. Explore the range of chemical spill kit and order direct from STOREMASTA today.

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