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Reduce your Risk with Hazmat Spill Kits

If your organisation uses hazardous chemicals, it's important to implement several controls to manage chemical spills. If not managed correctly, spills can become catastrophic event involving violent chemical reactions, harm to employees and even death. In fact, Hazchem spills can be so severe that section 357 of Australia’s Model WHS Regulation makes it mandatory for organisations to mange the risk associated with chemical spills.

To enable organisations to meet their obligations, STOREMASTA supplies a range spill control kits for chemicals. STOREMASTA’s Hazchem spill kits are designed to contain spills from a variety of hazardous chemicals including acids, caustic substances, disinfectants, glues, paints and pesticides.

Hazchem Spill Kit Sizes and Components

STOREMASTA’s chemical spill clean-up kits come in a range of sizes. The sizes of STOREMASTA’s hazmat kits include 240L and 140L wheelie bin spill kits and 50L carry bag spill kits. The components contained in STOREMASTA’s chemical spill control kits include absorbent booms, absorbent pillows, absorbent pads, waste disposal bags and gloves.

If your organisation handles hazardous substances, contact STOREMASTA on 1300 134 223 to discuss your chemical spill kit requirements.

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