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Dangerous Goods Fire Suppression System - BTA - Non-Monitored - Extra Small


Designed for smaller Flammable Cabinets and the 8 Outlet Battery Charging Cabinet, this extra small system can help suppress a chemical or battery fire.

The FirePro® Dangerous Goods Fire Suppression System offers a 40g aerosol that inhibits the chain reactions of combution on a molecular level.

If the Chemical Cabinet temperature reaches 180°C, the generator will automatically discharge and suppress the fire within the cabinet. This system is a non-monitored fire suppression solution to assist with fire protection in dangerous goods storage areas.

The Fire Suppression System - Extra Small has a 15-year life span and is listed to AS5 062 & AS 4487. This system requires visual maintenance only.

Suitable for 30L and 60L Flammable Liquid Cabinets, as well as 8 Outlet Battery Charging Cabinets. More sizes are available for larger cabinets, so why not explore the full range of Fire Suppression Systems today?


  • 40g pre-engineered Aerosol Generating Fire Extinguising System
  • No electrical power source required
  • Thermal Activator Type: 180degC
  • Stainless steel bracketry
  • 15 year life span
  • Designed to AS4470
  • Maintenance: Regular visual inspection recommended to maintain condition and ensure it has not discharged
  • Suitable for: 
    • 8 Outlet Battery Charging Cabinet - 500430
    • Lithium-ion Transport Unit - Small - TCCL005
    • 30L - Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet - SC030
    • 60L - Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet - SC060

Dimensions (mm)

ExternalW 140mmD 50mm diam.

Other Specifications

Weight 0.61 kg

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