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Class 2.1 Flammable Gas Storage LPG STORE - 24 X 9KG BOTTLE

This is a dual door STOREMASTA® Gas Cylinder Storage unit for the storage of 24 x 9 kg cylinders. Robust in construction, and built from heavy duty steel for both flexibility and security. A design that incorporates solutions to potential OH&S issues that may arise when handling large gas cylinders.
Internal Dimensions H 720 W 1305 D 700
External Dimensions H 1800 W 1365 D 720
  • Compact gas cylinder store specifically suited for the storage of 9kg LPG cylinders
  • Chain restraints to allow each gas cylinder to be individually restrained
  • Heavy duty construction and surface protection for outdoor use
  • Padlockable door for high security
  • Forklift channels
  • Natural ventilation that complies with AS4332-2004
  • Appropriate warning and safety signage that complies with AS1216 and AS1319
  • Designed and manufactured in full conformance to AS4332-2004
  • Empty lift only
  • Suitable for the storage of Class 2.1 - Flammable Gas
  • Manufactured in Australia

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