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Gas cylinders are used across of wide range of industries including manufacturing, construction, hospitality, science, medical and maintenance. Gas cylinder storage cages must be stored correctly to ensure safety, and provide a secure enclosure for cylinder storage whilst complying with AS/NZS 1596 and AS4332.

Gas Cylinder Storage should be a top priority and the STOREMASTA range of gas cylinder storage range includes plenty of options to accommodate most applications. They are suitable for storing High Pressure cylinders used for welding etc, LPG cylinders used for heating appliances etc, and the smaller Fork Lift cylinders. Available in a number of sizes and configurations such as single sided access storage, open or secure dual side access storage, trolleys, and crane liftable cages. All storage options are suitable for non-flammable nontoxic gas, poisonous gas, oxidising gas and flammable gas bottles and comply with Australian safety standards.

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