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Single Depth Corrosive Substance Store- 16 IBC


The STOREMASTA® PR16BB Relocatable Storage Unit is an outdoor storage cabinet with the capacity to hold up to 16 IBC units. It is single depth, ventilated and bunded appropriately, and fully compliant with Australian standards.

270 degree fold back doors, a cambered roof and appropriate warning signage allow for easy, streamlined usage whilst minimising risk in your workplace. Customisable options available.

External Dimensions H 3335 W 10615 D 1440
Weight3294.0 kg
Sump Cap6600L

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  • Doors which fold back 270° for ease of access when loading and unloading IBC’s with a forklift  
  • Easy access: each IBC accessible via forklift 
  • ISO locking bars for high security 
  • Natural ventilation that complies with AS 3780:2008 
  • Lifting lugs, forklift channels and locating plates 
  • Finished in high build 2 pak polyurethane primer and high gloss topcoat, total build thickness minimum of 120 microns 
  • Cyclonic proof construction 
  • Earth stake and mounting 
  • Cambered roof for rainwater runoff 
  • Liquid-tight spill containment sump with a compliant capacity 
  • Engineered footing details available 
  • Suitable for storage of IBC’s and pallets 
  • Fiberglass flooring and polyethylene sump liner for corrosion protection 
  • Appropriate warning and safety signage that complies with AS 1216 and AS 1319 
  • Designed and manufactured in full conformance to AS 3780:2008 - The storage and handling of corrosive substances.  
  • Class 8 - Corrosive Substances

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