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Class 8 Corrosive Substance Storage Double Depth Corrosive Substance Store - 12 IBC


The PR12DBB is a relocatable bulk store ready to store up to 12 International Bulk Containers (IBCs). This double depth Corrosive Substance store is twice the depth of standard relocatable stores and your forklift drivers can easily access the IBCs from both side using doors that open a full 270°.

Maintain a compliant worksite by using STOREMASTA bulk outdoor stores: the PR12DBB has ventilators to suit AS1940-2004 as well as a 5,200 litre spill containment sump. Corrosive Substance are kept secure with ISO locking bars, and the PR12DBB store comes complete with compliant warning placards permanently in place.

The PR12DBB meets the highest Australian safety standards including AS1940-2017, and is manufactured by STOREMASTA€™s in-house production and design crew here in Australia. Order direct from STOREMASTA.

NOTE: this store is not suitable for drum storage, please check out the STOREMASTA range of outdoors stores for bulk chemical drums.

Weight2376.0 kg

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