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Poly Drum Rack and Stack (Cradle Unit) - 2 Drum


The SBP024  is a stackable drum rack (cradle unit) designed as a fuel or hazardous chemical decanting station (2 x 205 litre drums). Made from hard wearing polyurethane, the drum rack is UV safe, corrosion proof, and very easy to clean.

Features of the SBP024 include: precision design that stacks perfectly on the base unit; forklift channels for easy stack and transfer around the job site; heavy duty construction, and completely stable platform.

The SBP024 is part of STOREMASTA’s innovative SAFE-T-BUND series — a range of decanting and chemical storage solutions that focus on stability, worker safety, and environmental protection. 100% Australian made, order your chemical drum rack (cradle unit) direct from STOREMASTA today.

External Dimensions H 360 W 1380 D 940
Weight15.0 kg
FreightNational Distribution

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  • 2 x 205L drum capacity
  • Forklift friendly for easy handling
  • Tough and durable polyethylene construction
  • Easy clean exterior
  • UV stable
  • Corrosive resistant construction
  • Manufactured in Australia

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