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Polyethylene Mini Bund (Drums) 20 litres


The SBP010 is a polyethylene mini bund which serves as a holding or decanting station for small chemical drums and containers. The fully sealed bund (30 litre spill capacity) is compatible with Class 8 corrosives so it’s also suitable for holding batteries.

Features of the SBP010 include: compact design great for tight spaces in laboratories, workshops, and warehouses; lightweight and stackable; removable polyethylene grate to protect workers from chemical leaks and spills.

The SBP010 is another hazardous chemical storage and decanting solution by STOREMASTA — the industry leaders in Dangerous Goods management. 100% Australian made, order your polyethylene mini bund (for drums up to 20 litres) today.

External Dimensions H 155 W 600 D 400
Weight3.0 kg
Sump Cap30L
FreightNational Distribution

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  • Spill trays are ideal for the storage and handling of smaller quantities of Liquids
  • Fully sealed and moulded polyethylene design
  • Polyethylene removable grate
  • Great for the storage of batteries and 20-25 litre drums
  • Often used in laboratories and small workshops

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