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Emergency Decontamination facility (for Class 8 storage)


Are you storing or handling Class 8 Corrosives at your worksite? You may require an emergency decontamination facility like this combination safety shower and eyewash station. Part of STOREMASTA’s innovative SAFE-T-WASH© range, the unit is made from stainless steel and permanently mounted to the floor.

Injured workers or contractors can quickly locate the decontamination facility thanks to the high-vis yellow protective coating (corrosion resistant), then activate the unit using a single hand or foot action. STOREMASTA guarantee a safe and steady flow of water under varying water supply conditions because of their innovative automatic pressure compensating valve.

The emergency decontamination facility is 100% Australian made and fully compliant with Australian Standard AS 4775:2007. Order the combination safety shower and eyewash station direct from STOREMASTA today.

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