30L - Lithium-ion Battery Charging & Storage Cabinet


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The 500430 is an innovative solution from STOREMASTA built for charging and storage of Lithium-ion batteries. Lithium battery storage cabinet has 8 x Charging Points (4 x Double GPO), double-walled sheet ste
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  • 8 x Charging Points (4 x Double GPO)
  • Self closing, close fitting doors
  • Self contained sump
  • Any gaps around the doors and into the space between the walls are sealed as far as is necessary to prevent the spread of flame or heat radiation.
  • The walls, floor, door and roof are double-walled sheet steel construction, with a space of at least 40 mm between the walls.
Dimensions (mm)
External H 800 W 500 D 450
Internal H 553 W 418 D 370
Storage Capacity
Max Capacity 30 L
Winchester Size 0.5L 2.5L 5L
Capacity 30 6 2
Drum Size 4L 20L 60L
Capacity 8 1 -
Calculations based on these package size
Dangerous Goods Compliance Specifications
Sump Capacity 23L
Other Specifications
Weight 33.0 kg
Shelf Levels 2

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