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PPE Storage Cabinet-Double Perspex Door - 3 Shelve


The 500402 is a perspex double-door PPE storage cabinet easily identified by the bright orange HI-VIS powder coat finish. Now you can keep personal protective equipment (PPE), protective clothing, and uniforms safe from dust, vermin, and theft in this fully lockable cabinet.

Features of the 500402 include: Perspex door; heavy-duty sheet steel construction; 3 levels of shelving; key lockable; safety signs fixed to the exterior.

The 500402 is another pragmatic design by STOREMASTA — the market leaders in Dangerous Goods management and industrial storage. 100% designed and manufactured in Australia, order your PPE Storage Cabinet-Double Perspex Door direct from STOREMASTA today.

Internal Dimensions H 3x340 W 2x523 D 282
External Dimensions H 1192 W 1162 D 375
Weight40.6 kg
  • Durable high visibility powder coat finish
  • Relevant safety signag
  • Heavy duty sheet steel construction
  • Key lockable L handle for added security
  • 3 storage levels including the base
  • Double door
  • Manufactured in Australia

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