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Steel Bunds to prevent the risk of chemical spills 

Every Australian business that carries any hazardous combustible liquid chemicals such as Flammable Liquids has a legal obligation to have a spill containment bund or chemical bunding in place to manage leaks or spills. Apart from the legal obligation to manage chemical spills, flammable liquids create hazards such as fires and explosions. Having a proper spill containment bund can prevent these hazards.   

To ensure your flammable liquids storage and handling areas are fully compliant with Australian Standards and WHS, spill bunding must be impervious, chemical resistant, and fire-resistant ie. made from steel or non-combustible material, and capable of recovering chemicals.   

To help prevent the risk of flammable and combustible liquid chemicals spills, STOREMASTA manufactures a range of steel bunds. 

STOREMASTA Steel Bunds are 100% compliant to Australian Standards and made in Australia 

AS1940-2004 The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquid, the spill containment bund must be fire-resistant and must have spill bund that adequately caters to the quantity of IBC’s being stored.   

To ensure your chemical storage and handling areas are fully compliant with WHS Legislation and Australian Safety Standard, STOREMASTA manufactured a range of steel bunds that are fire-resistant, and they have the strength to withstand the knocks and bashes of forklifts. Each steel bund has a compliant spill containment capacity of 110% of the largest package that can be stored on the bund.  If you choose to use bunding for the storage of flammable liquids, you must use a metal bund, because AS1940 states that a spill containment bund for the storage of flammable liquids must be fire-resistant. 

STOREMASTA’s chemical bunding range includes, steel drum bunds, steel IBC bundsheavy-duty steel drum bunds and heavy-duty IBC bunds 

STOREMASTA can custom manufacture your steel bund to meet your specific spill containment bund requirement. Explore the range of Steel Bunds and order from STOREMASTA today!