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Bunded storage Steel Bunds

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If your organisation uses hazardous chemicals such as flammable liquids and corrosive substances in a manufacturing process, it is very important to store these hazardous chemicals on a steel bund to prevent the risk of spills that can harm people, property and the environment.

To help prevent the risk of chemical spills, STOREMASTA manufactures a range of heavy duty steel bunds. Each steel bund has a compliant spill containment capacity of 110% of the largest package that can be stored on the bund. If you choose to use bunding for the storage of flammable liquids, you must use a metal bund, because AS1940 states that a spill containment bunds for the storage of flammable liquids must be fire-resistant. While polyethylene bunds are excellent for the storage of corrosive, toxic and oxidising chemicals, they are not suitable for the storage of flammable liquids because polyethylene will combust. STOREMASTA steel bunds are fire resistant and they have the strength to withstand the knocks and bashes of forklifts. STOREMASTA can custom manufacture their steel bunds to meet your specific spill containment requirements.