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Class 2.2 Non-flammable Non-toxic Gas Storage Gas Cylinder Store - Single Sided Access - XXXLarge


The AG24SS is a heavy-duty gas cylinder store designed to safely store high pressure industrial cylinders (alls sizes). This outdoor storage unit has three robust doors (pad bolt locks), and your cylinders are fully enclosed behind perforated walls.

Features of the AG24SS include: corrosion resistant 2-PACK finish, safety chains, dividers, adjustable restraint bars and warning placards. The unit is also fully relocatable using inbuilt forklift channels and lifting lugs.

The AG24SS is designed and manufactured in Australia by the expert production team at STOREMASTA - the leaders in Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Chemical storage. Order your gas cylinder store direct from STOREMASTA today.

Internal Dimensions H 1820 W 1125 D 1070
External Dimensions H 2000 W 3600 D 1170
Weight460.0 kg
FreightNational Distribution

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  • Galvanised cylinder restraint chains
  • 2 pak polyurethane paint finish
  • Fold down ramps for easy manoeuvring of cylinders
  • Forklift channels and crane lifting lugs to lift unit when empty
  • Lock up security doors and panels
  • Includes 2 fully adjustable restraint bars per bay to suit every cylinder size
  • Additional dividers are optional
  • All relevant signage included according to AS4332
  • Empty lift only

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