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Class 6.1 Toxic Substance Storage Heavy Duty Toxic Storage Cabinet - 80L


The PS0806 is a heavy duty safety cabinet for storing 80 litres of Class 6 Toxic Substances. This indoor storage cabinet is 25% stronger than standard cabinets for toxic substances, and purpose-built for isolating toxic chemicals from other Dangerous Goods and incompatible chemicals.

Features of the PS0806 include: single hydraulic-action door which closes automatically (no jams or sparks); 2-PACK polyurethane finish; warning placards fixed to the exterior.

STOREMASTA’s heavy duty series (including the PS0806) is a range of hard-wearing chemical storage cabinets, fully customisable and manufactured in Australia. Order your heavy duty toxic substance storage cabinet from STOREMASTA today.

NOTE: to help you meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4452:1997, a fully compliant spill kit for cleaning-up and neutralising leaks and spills is available for all toxic and corrosive safety cabinets.

External 1100 784 454
Internal 858 700 365
Storage Capacity
Max Capacity 80
Dangerous Goods Compliance Specifications
Sump Capacity 38L
  • Manufactured from 25% heavier materials than minimum requirement
  • Vent openings with built-in flash arrestors [for mechanical ventilation systems]
  • Unique spark-proof, self latching locking system with lockable handle
  • Self-closing close-fitting doors
  • Genuine sump capacities maintained with a fixed suspended perforated floor
  • Drain plug to spill containment sump for safe disposal of spills
  • Continuous stainless steel pin hinging for maximum strength and reliability
  • Safety signs and directions that comply with AS1216 and AS1319
  • Designed and manufactured in full conformance to AS/NZS 4452-2997 - The storage and handling of toxic substances
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • in-stock
  • Next Day dispatch
  • Class 6 - Toxic Substances

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