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Class 6.1 - Toxic substance - Drum Stores Double Depth Toxic Substance Store - 12 Pallet


The PR12D-6 is a fully relocatable bulk store for safely housing 12 pallets of Class 6 toxic substances. Now you can isolate toxic chemicals in a tough outdoor cabinet that resists corrosion, decomposition and combustion.

Purposefully designed for outdoor storage, the hardy PR12D-6 can withstand extreme weather conditions: it features a cambered roof, 2-PACK polyurethane primer and high gloss topcoat, engineered footings and ISO locking bars. The unit comes complete with pre-installed compliant warning placards and signage.

The PR12D-6 is an innovative outdoor storage solution designed and manufactured in Australia by   STOREMASTA — the leaders in Dangerous Goods storage. Order online today from STOREMASTA.

NOTE: this store is not suitable for IBC storage, please check out the STOREMASTA range of outdoors stores for International Bulk Containers (IBC).

External Dimensions H 2850 W 4115 D 2520
Sump Cap2980L

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  • Cambered roof for rainwater run-off
  • Doors which fold back 270° for ease of access and forklift loading and unloading of IBC’s
  • ISO locking bars for high security
  • Lifting lugs, forklift channels and locating plates
  • Each IBC accessible via forklift
  • Finished in high build 2 pak polyurethane primer and high gloss topcoat, total build thickness minimum of 120 microns
  • Cyclonic proof construction
  • Engineered footing details
  • Earth stake and mounting
  • Ventilators to suit AS/NZS4452-1997
  • Appropriate warning and safety signage that complies with AS1216 and AS1319
  • Designed and manufactured in full conformance to AS/NZS4452-1997
  • Liquid tight spill containment sump with compliant capacity
  • Suitable for the storage of IBC’s
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Class 6 - Toxic Substances

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